What is interesting for readers about your holidays ?

What is interesting for readers about your holidays ?

Although it is essential to express your love of traveling by visiting many places, it is not enough. It is also more interesting to share your travels and write articles about your journeys by creating a travel blog.

With passion, of course, you will find it fascinating to do. However, you must know how to write well to attract the attention of your readers. Most writers are still beginners and have trouble. These few tips will be more than indispensable to all the apprentice bloggers.

Creating a travel blog is not just about traveling

First, traveling is a real budget even if you set your budget to a minimum. You need to travel to enough places in order to feed a blog. In other words, travel has become an important part of your way of life.

On the other hand, becoming a travel blogger means having a real desire to share what you have experienced and discovered about a place. In fact the objective is to make your readers want to see the places you are talking about for themselves. It's a different experience from the classic travel.

Errors to avoid

Many blogger-travelers are wondering why nobody reads their articles! Writing is one thing, of course, but you also need to promote your writing and avoid mistakes with your travel blog. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid. 

  • Avoid talking about your life without giving advice: What is a user looking for on the web? A solution! Tell your travel stories, but bring in some added value to the ones who follow you. Besides, readers will appreciate it you advise them on what to do or what to avoid doing, where to go or where they should never venture. 
  • Writing interesting titles or Avoid writing about already seen and reviewed destinations: You only have a few seconds tograb the attention of the visitor in reading your article. Put the odds on your side with an original title that arouses curiosity and involves the reader. 
  • Avoid making your article too short or too long: The most shared articles usually make more than 800 words. Do not go below 500 words. You may not be able to deepen the subject and take less notice of the reader. Otherwise, if you write for more than 2000 words, readers may not be patient enough to read your blog till the end. In this case write with many parts and bulleted items. 
  • Avoid essay writing: You want to attract the reader but you only write large blocks of text? On the internet you will drive your readers away. Make the article more interesting by adding photos, videos, screenshots, computer graphics, and even drawings. You might probably ask a friend of yours to happily illustrate one of your articles. 
  • Add subtitles: It is very common to use 2 subparts under a headline. Not only will the subparts enable your readers to easily find the information within the blog; but these will also make your blog more fascinating to read.

Find the next destination for maximum inspiration

A good travel blogger needs to visit multiple destinations to provide more appealing content. And for that, it is important to carefully plan your itineraries. For this you can get help from travel agencies.

And online, eDreams is the most practical one to do that. This website helps you to organize your trip to the best destinations worldwide. In just a few clicks, you will confirm your flight, your hotel but also the activities that will feed your blog through eDreams.

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