To write a blog about one's holidays

To write a blog about one's holidays

Have you ever thought about sharing your travel experiences with other people? You may be familiar with keeping your travel memories in your family album or in your computer.

Others may be used to sharing their pictures and videos on social networks. However, writing a blog about your holidays is a more fascinating way to share your travel memories with the others. If you blog about your travel experiences and activities, thousands of readers will read your blog.

There are a few things, however, you should know about travel blog writing. On the internet, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of travel blogs and each one has its particularities. In general, the common point is that blogs are written by its passionate authors.

The principle of travel blogs

Anyone who knows a minimum internet surfing and who likes to travel has visited a blog or forum about travel and tourism. These places with many travelers gather a lot of information.

When you read a well-written travel blog, you feel the passion that emanates from the author in his articles. Often, you can also enjoy photos and videos to better understand what the person is trying to describe. It's so inspiring.

In short, blogs are an extraordinary way to learn about destinations that we know little or badly so that readers can form their own opinions through others' experiences on the web.

Create your own blog

When you see all these blogs, some of which are true aesthetic masterpieces. And you can adopt different styles when writing yours. Whether you are a confirmed web designer and you create your own website (we can also leave on the basis of a CMS), or you are new to blog writing, you can move to free blog creation platforms. Here are some examples of blogging platforms, all specialized in the theme of travel: 

  • TravelBlog 
  • Uniterre 
  • EnRoutes 
  • Starting signal 
  • Tripper-Tips - In-Escale 
  • Expedia

Each of the platforms listed above can help you create your own travel blog in just a few clicks. You can, then, customize your blog according to the possibilities offered by the chosen platform.

However, creating a travel blog is not just about registering on a platform of this type and having its own Internet address. Then there is a lot of work behind. Bringing visitors to your site is something that takes time. This is at the same time marketing, social, SEO. It's a job in its own right.

The worst part is that even if you manage to attract a few visitors, you'll have to write articles to build loyalty and get them back. The work ultimately entails more work. It is a vicious circle, or virtuous according to the vision that one has of things.

Find the best destinations

The main supply of your blog is your holiday. And to interest and touch the maximum reader, it is essential to choose the right destination. Nevertheless, you must always choose according to your desires, to make your blog more realistic. And to search for destinations at your expense but also to your tastes, you can go to eDreams. eDreams is an online travel website will offer you flights in most destinations of your dreams.

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