What are the different types of websites about travel ?

Travels can offer you different advantages such as adventure, relaxation or access to business contacts and even sometimes a perfect combination of the three. Online travel sites ensure you get as much savings as possible on your travel budget, ranging from a few to several hundreds of dollars.

They also help you optimize every minute of your time when you are in search of your travel destination. And as it is said, time is money, you can avoid getting lost with all the travel webs that exist, this guide will be of great use.

Several types according to your needs

Several types of sites that differ in their content but also their editorial lines exist online. Here are the most important ones: ­

  • Commercial websites: a category that groups several kinds of sites. In this category, everything is business and therefore profit. Online travel agencies, flight-booking sites, official hotel websites and official airline websites. ¬≠
  • Blogs: online, travel blogs are mostly informative. Although some of them are commercial with advertisements and sponsored content, blogs inform mostly about a destination or a hotel. ¬≠eDreams has created its own affiliation program on https://www.edreams-partners.com.
  • Forums: Travel forum sites are exchanged sites between enthusiasts or travel enthusiasts. These sites contain debates on the theme of travel as the best destination for surfing or the best restaurant in Paris. This kind of site is therefore generally open to all.

How to choose the best online travel sites?

The best travel sites are competitive for prices on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more. It's an aid to planning the outline of the trip, it can ensure you a memorable trip.

We generally prefer sites that allow us to manage the two or three aspects of our trip easily, like the eDreams site, with specific searches for flights and hotels or flights and car rentals or other combinations depending on our needs.

It is possible to invest in credit cards, insurance, holiday clubs and different travel programs separately, of course, but travel-booking sites often have their own reward programs and insurance offerings.

The best travel sites: how to test them?

To know what the point of using each site is, you need to set up several tests to see how to compare them, for prices, for practical reasons and for a number of other factors.

You have to compare a series of joint flights - a mix of domestic and foreign flights, with the same departure and return several times on each travel site. It is also necessary to repeat several times the tests on flights over several days and on different computers to see which travel site gives access to the best prices.

The same should be done for hotels, with a series of travel scenarios on each site to compare prices. The travel sites presented here are all very similar, but we often appreciate the sites that stand out, even if this difference is about details, it remains important, including the customer service that must be excellent and the high quality phone apps such as eDreams.

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